Hi and Thank you for visiting my website and welcome to my blog!

I am Nike Kier Perez and I live in the Philippines.

Currently I am working as a medical officer here in my country and I want to discover the world outside my field in my free time.

I believe that am an advocate of health and fitness so that is why I am starting this blog.


What you will find on this website?

I would like to talk about different aspect of health, not only in the physical side but also in the mental side. With this venture I would like to share what I know and I want to learn more from everyone who visit regarding health, fitness and wellness.

I would also like to share some tips and some tricks that I know that could help yourself to be a better and healthier person. That is why this website is called “Lifestyle Sheet” because I want to lay out most things that would help everybody and find a all in one website to find all your answers to your questions regarding health.


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Thank you for coming and stopping by! I wish you all the best!


Nike Perez